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8005 Series

  1.27mm Pitch Micro Connector

Series 8005
No. of Positions 2
Pitch 1.27mm
Rated Current AC/DC 1A
Rated Voltage AC/DC 30V
Withstanding Voltage AC 500Vrms/min.
8005 Series

Series 8005 is a super compact 2-pin Wire-to-Board connector, designed for high density mounting. This is the most suitable for miniaturization of such hand-held devices as mobile phones, Notebook-PC, PDA's equipment, etc.

(1) Insulator positive locking function for dropping impact or vibration, with the firm clicking insertions.
(2) IDC plug connector enables non-strip wire termination. It secures the firm connection of AWG #32 by threading its insulator with the wires.
(3) Right Angle receptacle is a low profile type at 1.9mm high on the board.
(4) Contact Material: Copper Alloy
(5) Insulator Material: Heat resistance plastic
(6) Operating Temperature Range: -55 to +80°C
(7) Plating Specifications
Plating Code Contact Area I.D. Area * Metal tab RoHS Compliance
829+ Au(0.1µm Min.) Au(0.05µm Min.) - Yes
829 Au(0.1µm Min.) Au(0.05µm Min.) - Yes
867+ Au(0.38µm Min.) Au(0.05µm Min.) - Yes
867 Au(0.38µm Min.) Au(0.05µm Min.) - Yes
Sn-Pb No
*Insulation Displacement Area
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Products > Product Type > Wire to Wire/Board Connectors > 8005 Series 
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