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Environmental Correspondence

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 Environment Protection Activities
Environment Management System   We obtained ISO14001 certification of International Organization of Standardization at the Head Quarters and Okaya factory, and are promoting environmental protection activities in the Kyocera Group Integrated Environmental Management System. Our offices in Osaka, Nagoya, and Omiya were also certified by ISO in 2005, thus we are aggressively involved in the activities across the board. The concrete activities are such as reducing disposal of wastes, saving energy, saving resources and participating the local clean-up activity let alone working for lead-free plating and downsizing products.
Environment Policy   We determine our environmental policies based on our management philosophy, put the priority on global environmental protection and are doing business activities with emphasis on the following matters.

1. Adherence to in-company environmental standards where the first priority is placed on the global environmental protection.
2. Effective use of resources and innovation of process technology
3. Development of environment-friendly products and products in which environmentally harmful substances are reduced
4. Cooperation toward environmental public policy, and participation in and support to social contribution activities

 Green Procurement Standards
(For our suppliers)   Since its foundation, Kyocera has defined "Respect the Divine and Love People" as its corporate motto and "Contribute to the Advancement of Society and Humankind While Pursuing the Material and Spiritual Happiness of All Employees" as its management rationale, based on which Kyocera has been undertaking comprehensive measures for environmental protection such as environmental preservation, energy saving, preservation of global warming, resource saving, development philosophy, we, Kyocera Connector Products Corporation as an affiliate of Kyocera, also have been positively promoting environmental management as well.
In order to reduce the environmental impact as a part of our efforts, we published our Standards on Green Procurement , and we have been successfully carrying out green procurement activities based on the Standards, thanks to the understanding and cooperation of our business partners. The first edition was released in August 2005 for our incestigation and evaluation of our suppliers and supplied items. In recent years in Europe and elsewhere, legal regulations on environmental affairs as well as growing public demand for environmental protection have been more and more strengthened. Along with the latest situation of such legal regulations and circumstances, the 13th edition of the Standards has just issued currently.
Based on the Standards, our suppliers and supplied items will be investigated and evaluated to protect the global environment and thus our green procurement will advance further.
KYOCERA Connector Products Corporation
Green Procurement Standards
(pdf/342KB) PDF

 Environmentally Correspondent Products
What is RoHS directive?   This Directive prohibits, effective July 1, 2006, electrical and electronic equipment put on the market in the European Union from containing specified chemical substances exceeding the specified value.
[Specified chemical substance]
Lead (Pb) 1,000ppm, Mercury (Hg) 1,000ppm, Cadmium (Cd) 100ppm, Hexavalent Chromium, (Cr6) 1,000ppm, PolyBrominated Biphenyls (PBB) 1,000ppm, PolyBrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE) 1,000ppm

"Products manufactured by KYOCERA Connector Products Corp. are already RoHS compliant for 5 substances but for lead."
We are in process of lead-free project. RoHS image
Tackling lead-free plating   We are developing lead-free products in order to comply with RoHS directives taking effect on July 1, 2006. We firstly in the industry established the mass production line using the tin-copper dual-layer plating that mitigates whisker formation as well as the line using gold plating and tin plating as lead-free plating. (Mass production started on January in 2004.) With tin-copper dual-layer plating, external stress can be dispersed and alleviated in order to mitigate the whisker formation due to the structure of two types of tin-copper plating, matt type and semi-bright one. For details, please refer to the following PDF file.

Measurement against Whisker and Its Effect on Sn-Cu Plated Connector (pdf/310KB) PDF
Controlling System   To control environmentally hazardous substances, we are struggling hard with “Design that takes in no environmentally hazardous substances”, “Manufacture that contains no environmentally hazardous substances”, and “Control that delivers no environmentally hazardous substances”.

1. Design that takes in no environmentally hazardous substances
Materials used in our products are entered in our database only after they are verified that they contain no environmentally hazardous substances prior to development and design. Development and design are conducted using these materials listed in the database only to realize “Design that takes in no environmentally hazardous substance” thoroughly.

2. Manufacture that contains no environmentally hazardous substances
To achieve “Include no environmentally hazardous substances in our products” and “Adhere no environmentally hazardous substances to our products” completely, no environmentally hazardous substances are contained in our manufacturing processes through the definite control system let alone controlling on materials purchased. Especially for a wide variety of sub-materials used in our manufacturing processes, all of them are verified that they contain no environmentally hazardous substances.

3. Control that delivers no environmentally hazardous substances
Products produced through “Design that takes in no environmentally hazardous substances” and “Manufacture that contains no environmentally hazardous substances” are verified periodically to realize “Control that delivers no environmentally hazardous substances.”

Control Criterion  
RoHS Control Criterion

  Connectors are disassembled into components such as insulator, contacts, and others to be verified that each of them does not contain greater amount of any prohibited substance than the specified value.

 Search for RoHS Condition
Search by part number or Series number   Please select "Parts No./RoHS Condition Search" through “Parts No./ Product Type Search” in the pull-down menu on the upper right. RoHS compliance status can be checked for each part number (6 digits or more) or the one through each Series number (4 digits).
Search by number of pins of Series number   RoHS status can be checked for each number of pins on "Part No. List by Number of Positions" through "Related link" in the menu on the right of each Series product page. (Available only for FPC/FFC connectors and Board-to-Board connectors.)

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Environmental Correspondence 
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