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News Release > Series 6843 0.3mm pitch, Back flip lock type FPC connector is released.
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Series 6843 0.3mm pitch, Back flip lock type FPC connector is released.

Product Name
Series6843 FPC connector, ZIF, Right Angle, Back flip lock type

Series 6843 is a low profile and space-saving FPC connector, 1.1mm high and 3.85mm deep, designed for consumer products such as notebook PCs, DSCs, DVCs and game consoles, which is a 0.3mm-pitch, right angled, back-flip locking and ZIF type connector. It is suit for the internal connection in electronic equipment requiring an FPC to be laid in a small area. Since FPCs and pad patterns for the existing Series 6296 connector (Bottom contact type) are also compatible, less restrictive pattern wiring is now available in the design phase.

1. This is a 0.3mm pitch, 1.1mm high, 3.85mm deep of the mounting area, ZIF, SMT, right-angle type of low profile and space-saving connector.
2. An actuator that retains and makes contact with the FPC is located on the opposite side of the FPC insertion slot, which realizes the easy and sure operation of the actuator that does not open by the external stress applied with the FPC laid.
3. Both top and bottom contacting structure provides less restriction on FPC layout in designing pattern layout on a PCB.
4. An FPC is able to be retained in the entry even when the actuator is open, which improves the workability in the assembling process.
5. Nickel plated area on the contact prevents solder wicking.
6. The connectors are delivered with the actuator open for better workability in the site of customers.
7. Packaged in tape and reel for the automatic mounting machine: 2,000 pieces/reel.
8. RoHS compliant product.

No. of Positions 11 to 51
Profile Height 1.1mm
Pitch 0.3mm
Contact Position Dual-sided contact
Rated Current DC 0.2A/Contact
Rated Voltage DC 50V/Contact
D.W.Voltage AC 200 Vrms/min.
Contact Material Copper alloy
Insulator Material Heat resistance plastic
Applicable FPC Thickness 0.2±0.03mm

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News Release > Series 6843 0.3mm pitch, Back flip lock type FPC connector is released.
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