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Terms of use  Japanese

Terms of use

Read the following articles before using this WEB site. You are entitled to use this WEB site subject to agreement to the articles.
"This WEB site" shall mean all directories and pages contained in the following domain.

Change of use covenants
KYOCERA Connector Products Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Company) may change, add or delete the following covenants owing to situations of the Company. Check always that the contents are updated. Your use of this WEB site after change of the covenants shall be deemed as agreed to the change.
Use of this WEB site
Reproduction of information on this WEB site is fully usable under conditions that agreement to the after-mentioned author's copyright is described, that author's copyright and these use conditions are agreed upon, that information on this WEB site is only non-commercially and personally used as simple information and not reproduced or put up on any network computer and not broadcasted on any medium, and that the said information is not changed at all. However, use of the information for other purposes is not admitted. Users are not permitted to use this WEB site by such methods as to provide this WEB site with loss or excessive burden or damage this WEB site or by methods to do violence to use of this WEB site by other persons.
Contents of this WEB site are protected by law. Reproduction or imitation of all or a part of the contents is not allowed. Logos, charts, images and WEB site design and layout on this WEB site cannot be reproduced, imitated and re-transmitted, unless expressly permitted by our company.
Our company inserts information in this WEB site meticulously. However, information on the site does not make any guarantee including merchantable quality, fitness for specific purpose and legitimacy whether expressed or implied. Information and related charts on this WEB site may be technically inaccurate or lack in correctness such erroneous geographical descriptions. Further, the Company may change or correct such information and charts without prior notice. The Company may improve, correct or change products inserted in this WEB site without prior notice. The Company shall not make any guarantee relating to continuation of functions contained in this WEB site, no occurrence of errors, correction of mistakes and non-containment of computer virus and other harmful matters in this WEB site and the server. Further, the Company shall not make any guarantee relating to correctness, accuracy and reliability of contents in this WEB site. All expenses required for services, repair and correction shall not be borne by the Company but the user.
Even if possibility of occurrence of the damage is known to the Company or a company with whom job execution entrusted by the Company, the Company shall not be held responsible for accidental, special or major damages arising from use or unavailability of use of information on this WEB site in any circumstances, including the case where an error lies in the Company. The Company and the Company's supply companies shall not be held responsible for damages of any kind resulting from use or operation of the software or information, supply or incomplete supply of services and loss of use opportunities, loss of data or loss of profit arising from or in connection with the information inserted on this WEB site regardless of contractual deeds, errors or other illegal act. The Company shall not be held responsible for the damage, loss or cause of lawsuit (regardless of contractual deed or illegal act) in excess of the amount paid by the user to the Company for access to this WEB site.
Respect of privacy
Electronic images of users of this WEB site shall be protected through closest possible control. Normally, it is not required for a user to tell his or her name or disclose any information about the user for access to this WEB site. However, information such as the address, name, telephone number and mail address of a user may be required to receive service higher than a certain level depending on cases. Where collection of electronic data of users through internet, this WEB site will notify to that effect in advance.
Handling of electronic images
Electronic images of users acquired through this WEB site shall be handled in accordance with the philosophy of the Company. For the philosophy of electronic images, refer to the separate "Privacy".
Handling of links
Contents of sites in this WEB site or sites linked to this WEB site by third parties other than the Company (hereinafter referred to as linked sites) shall be controlled under responsibilities of individual companies. Use linked sites in accordance with conditions required to use individual sites and regulations such as author's copyright. The Company shall not be held responsible for contents of linked sites and damages resulting from use of such sites in the least.
Where linking to this WEB site is intended, strictly observe the following precautions.

1.In case of a noncommercial purpose, linking to this WEB site shall basically be free. Where linking for a commercial purpose is desired or judgment on commercial or noncommercial purpose cannot be rendered for yourself, apply the Company for approval.
However, linking to this WEB site from WEB sites falling under the following categories is declined regardless of commercial or noncommercial purposes.
· Web site containing contents intended to mentally abuse or ruin credits of the Company, affiliated companies, officials and employees of such companies, other persons, other companies and other bodies.
  · WEB site with pornographic contents, WEB site contrary to good public order and customs and WEB site relating to contents and activities of illegality or possible illegality.
  · WEB site liable to provide a third person with misunderstanding and mistake due to the lack of clarity about the WEB site of the Company such as the case as a result of deployment of this WEB site within the frame.
  · WEB site judged improper by the Company.

2.Set links to this WEB site on the top page as a rule. To link a site to a page other than the top page, apply the Company for approval.

3.Where linking to this WEB site is intended, express the corporate name correctly as "KYOCERA Connector Products Corp." or "KYOCERA Connector Products".
Access to this WEB site and downloading
This WEB site is controlled and managed in offices of the Company located in Japan.
The Company shall not make any guarantee about fitness for use and availability of use of contents of this WEB site in other countries or districts. Access to this WEB site by users in other countries or districts shall be deemed as access based on their voluntary will. Further, the users shall be fully responsible for strictly observing laws applicable to the countries or districts.
The covenants shall be effective until terminated by the user or the Company. The user may terminate the covenants at any time when all documents, duplicated matter and devices relating to this WEB site are abandoned.
Where a user is against the covenants, the Company may terminate the covenants immediately at the discretion of the Company without prior notice. At the occasion of termination, the user shall abandon all contents acquired from this WEB site and other sites of the Company as well as all matters duplicated from this WEB site and other sites of the Company regardless of creation in accordance with the use covenants or not.
Trademark right
The trademark "KYOCERA Connector Products", its logo and other names of products of the Company used on the WEB site are properties of the Company including registered trademarks of the Company. Further, other product and company names on this WEB site may be properties of owners of individual trademarks. Rights not definitely admitted in the use covenants cannot be used.
Author's copyright
The Company shall respect intellectual property rights of third persons. Users shall also respect intellectual property rights of third persons. Author's copyrights of the contents inserted in this WEB site (such as letters, photographs and illustrations) shall lie in the Company and be protected by the Copyright Act of Japan and international pacts.
As to reprinting of picture images, articles and accompanying data, use of them (including reproduction, alteration, uploading, insertion, transmission, distribution, licensing, sales and publication) is prohibited beyond the range of private use or explicitly admitted by laws, unless approved in writing in advance. Further, whole or a part of contents of this WEB site may not be altered without prior consent.
Governing law and judicature
Use of this WEB site and interpretations and applications of the use covenants shall be governed by the laws of Japan, unless otherwise specified.
Even if any one of provisions herein is deemed as illegal, invalid or unenforceable due to some reason or other, it shall not affect validity of the remaining provisions in the least.
All disputes relating to this WEB site shall be settled through judicial trial at the Yokohama District Court as the first trial competent court, unless otherwise agreed upon.
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Terms of use 
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