7129 Series

No. of PositionsSignal : 2 pos. Power : 4 pos.
Pin counts? 
Stacking Height0.7mm
Connection StyleVertical-Vertical
PCB Mounting MethodSMT
Metal TabsWith
Rated CurrentDC 0.4A/Contact(Signal)
DC 10A/2Contacts(Power)
Rated VoltageDC 30V/Contact
Withstanding VoltageAC 250Vrms/min.


The 7129 Series is board to board connector which is capable of conducting high current up to 10A . Although it is a space-saving product with 0.7mm stacking height, 2.2mm in width and 5.64mm in length, it achieves high robustness and smooth mating by attaching metals on both side-ends to prevent damage to insulator housings and contacts due to mating in a misaligned way.



(1) Capable of conducting high current up to 10A for smartphones which is the best class in the
industry(*), and contributes to reducing charging time of devices. (Please refer to the catalog for pattern layout on PCBs .)
(*)Based on research by Kyocera Connector Products as of January 2017
(2) A metal cover enhances strength, which may otherwise be compromised in space-saving connectors with lower profiles. This also prevents damage from contact misalignment, as the structure of the metal cover helps guide connectors smoothly for easy mating.
(3) Space saving with stacking height of 0.7mm, width of 2.2mm and length of 5.64mm
(4) Packaged in tape and reel: 15,000 pieces/reel
(5) RoHS compliant and Halogen-free
(6) Contact Material: Copper alloy
(7) Insulator Material: Heat-resistant plastic
(8) Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +85°C
(9) Plating Specifications

Plating Code
Contact Area
Tail Area
Metal Tabs
RoHS Compliance