5847 Series

No. of Positions10 to 120
Pin counts? 
Stacking Height0.7mm
Connection StyleVertical-Vertical
PCB Mounting MethodSMT
Metal TabsWith
Rated CurrentDC 0.3A/contact
DC 2.0A/metal tab
Rated VoltageDC 60V/Contact
Withstanding VoltageAC 250Vrms/min.


The 5847 Series are Board to Board Connectors with a fine pitch of 0.35mm. These products feature a low stacking height of 0.7mm and a space-saving design with a width of 1.9mm. Kyocera Connector Products’ original contact structure is adopted to enhance resistance to vibration and drop shocks, thus realizing high contact reliability. Metal tabs on both sides are available for use not only as anchoring but also for power connection with a rated current of 2.0A. Space-saving has been achieved by reducing the number of positions compared to using contacts for power connection.



(1) Space-saving connector with a fine pitch of 0.35mm, stacking height of 0.7mm, and width of 1.9mm.
(2) 10 to 120 positions are available.
(3) Anchoring metal tabs are available for power connection with a rated current of 2.0A.
(4) An original locking structure is adopted for mating, which generates a firm “click” sound and enhances the retention force when connectors are removed despite the low profile.
(5) A pinching structure (two-point contact design), which is highly resistant to vibration and drop shocks, has been adopted for the contact structure. Furthermore, the plug contacts have an original structure featuring a wiping effect which eliminates foreign matter with concentrated load, thus realizing high contact reliability.
(6) Packaged in tape and reel: 15,000 pieces/reel
(7) RoHS compliant and Halogen-free
(8) Contact Material: Copper alloy
(9) Insulator Material: Heat-resistant plastic
(10) Operating Temperature Range: -55 to +85°C
(11) Plating Specifications

Plating Code
Contact Area
Tail Area
Metal Tabs
RoHS Compliance