6811 Series 0.5mm Pitch FPC/FFC Connector Launched

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Product Name

6811 Series

FPC/FFC Connector  Launched


The newly developed 6811 Series follows the 6809 Series concept, but has been enhanced with even more robust features. With a pitch of 0.5mm, profile height of 1.28mm, and available in 4 through 16 pins, the connector features bottom contacts, a front locking mechanism, and connects applicable FPC/FFC with a thickness of 0.3mm. Despite its low profile and low pin counts, which contribute to space savings, robust metal brackets prevent cables from being lifted up out of the connector. In addition, the 6811 contributes to increased working efficiency by using tabbed FPC/FFC, preventing misalignments of contacts from oblique or shallow insertions, and enabling visual check of mating conditions.


  1. The connector saves space with its low pitch of 0.5mm and height of 1.28mm.
  2. Features robust design preventing unlocking of actuators and connector breakages caused by FPC/FFC being lifted unintentionally.
  3. Use of FPC/FFC with tabbed cables prevent misalignments of contacts caused by oblique or shallow insertions and enables visual checks of improper mating conditions, thus improving workability.
  4. Robust structure that prevents damages caused by moving the actuator in the wrong direction or pushing in FPC/FFC forcibly.
  5. Actuator locks FPC/FFC with tabbed cables, realizing excellent operability during insertions. Furthermore, even if the FPC/FFC is pulled forcibly, deformation or damage to parts are minimized due to this structure.
  6. Packaged in tape and reel: 4,000 pieces/reel.
  7. RoHS compliant and halogen-free


No. of Positions4 to 16 pos.
Product Height1.28mm
Product Width4.79mm
(width of the mounting area)
Contact PositionBottom
Applicable FPC Thickness0.3±0.03mm
Rated CurrentDC 0.5A/contact
Rated VoltageDC 50V/contact
D.W. VoltageAC 200Vrms/min.
Contact MaterialCopper alloy
Insulator MaterialHeat-resistant plastic