Adds High Heat-Resistant Type to 6288 Series Withstanding Up to +125℃

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Product Name

6288 Series High Heat-Resistant Type

Withstanding Up to +125℃


The 6288 Series has been adopted in numerous in-vehicle applications requiring high reliability since its release in 2008. For high temperature applications, Kyocera Connector Products Corporation releases its newly developed “High Heat-Resistant Type”, as an additional model of the 6288 Series. The upper limit of the operating temperature range has been expanded to +125℃. This highly reliable connector features enhanced retention strength to hold FPC/FFC’s and prevents misalignments of contacts from oblique insertions by using tabbed cables, thus enabling secure connection.


  1. Maximum operating temperature increased to +125℃
  2. The product can be utilized for versatile FPCs/FFCs with thicknesses of 0.3±0.05mm. The highly reliable connector features an enhanced strength to hold FPCs/FFCs and prevents misalignments of contacts from oblique insertions through combined use with tabbed FPCs/FFCs, thus enabling secure connection. Applicable FPCs/FFCs are common with the straight-type 6801 Series and 6251 Series, as well as the conventional 6288 Series
  3. Manufactured at production facilities with ISO/TS16949 certifications.
  4. A temporary holding structure for the FPC / FFC enables simple, one-finger operations, thus increasing work efficiency. A “click” feeling obtained from front locking confirms that the connector is securely locked.
  5. Packaged in tape and reel: 2,000 pieces/reel.
  6. RoHS compliant


No. of Positions8 to 80 pos.
Product Height2.0mm
Product Width6.5mm
(width of the mounting area)
Contact PositionBottom
Applicable FPC Thickness0.3±0.05mm
Rated CurrentDC 0.5A/contact
Rated VoltageDC 50V/contact
D.W. VoltageAC 200Vrms/min.
Contact MaterialCopper alloy
Insulator MaterialHeat-resistant plastic