October 1964 Establishment of ELCO International Corporation (predecessor of KYOCERA Connector Products)
March 1979 Opening of Osaka Office
December 1986 Opening of Nagoya Office
June 1987 Establishment of ELCO Korea
August 1989 Entry into Kyocera Group
May 1990 Start of production in China via a consignment plant
June 1990 Establishment of ELCO Southeast Asia in Singapore
October 1992 Change in name to KYOCERA ELCO Corporation
March 1993 Start of production at Kyocera Okaya Plant
June 1993 Start of production at China plant
 Opening of Omiya and Tachikawa Offices
 Establishment of KYOCERA ELCO Hong Kong
December 1993 Opening of Matsumoto Office
December 1994 Acquisition of ISO9002 certification
March 1995 Relocation of Head Office to Kagahara, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Japan
June 1995 Change in name from ELCO Southeast Asia to KYOCERA ELCO Singapore; relocation to new Singapore plant
December 1995 Acquisition of ISO9001 certification
October 1996 Acquisition of ISO9002 certification by KYOCERA ELCO Singapore
March 1997 Completion of new plant at Okaya Office
April 1998 Acquisition of ISO9002 certification by ELCO Korea
April 1999 Change in name from ELCO Korea to KYOCERA ELCO Korea; change of company status from joint management to 100% subsidiary
September 1999 Acquisition of ISO14001 certification by KYOCERA ELCO Korea
October 2000 Acquisition of ISO14001 certification
August 2001 Start of operation of wastewater-free plating line at Okaya Plant
November 2001 Acquisition of ISO14001 certification by KYOCERA ELCO Singapore
 Relocation of China plant to a new site
March 2004 Acquisition of ISO9001 certification by China plant
November 2004 Start of operation of wastewater-free plating line at China plant
March 2005 Start of operation of new consignment plant in Guangdong, China
September 2005 Start of press production line at China plant
March 2006 Opening of KYOCERA ELCO Korea Sales (KEKS) Corporation
October 2006 Relocation of the KYOCERA ELCO Korea plant to new site
 Start of production in clean room
October 2007 Acquisition of OHSAS18001 certification
July 2008 Acquisition of ISO/TS 16949 certification by Okaya plant
July 2009 China factory with full ownership of Kyocera Connector Products capital (KYOCERA Connector Products (Dongguan) Co. Ltd.)
May 2011 Relocation of Head Office to Nakayama-cho, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi, Japan
April 2012 Change in name from KYOCERA ELCO Corporation to KYOCERA Connector Products Corporation; change in name for overseas affiliated companies at same time
November 2012 Establishment of KYOCERA Connector Products Vietnam Co. Ltd. (KCPV) in Vietnam
May 2014 Acquisition of ISO/TS 16949 certification by Korea plant
April 2015 Integration of Asian commercial distribution