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Corporate motto/Management rationale/Greetings

Corporate motto
"Respect the Divine and Love People."

"Respect the Divine and Love People."

Preserve the spirit to work fairly and honorably, respecting people, our work, our company and our global community.

Management Rationale
To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint effort, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.

With the popularization of the Internet, the environment connecting people and things is changing drastically. However, the strong connection between the hearts of people remains unchanged. Valuable products are born from groups that are founded on those strong heart connections. We at KYOCERA Connector Products aim at being a business group that always contributes to progress and development in the world by corporate management based on the wonderful hearts of such people.

Connecting parts, connectors ··· These may be small, single parts, but as they continue to develop, they will become the lifeblood of electronic equipment and the key to connecting us to future possibilities. We put our highest craftsmanship and strongest feelings into the making of each and every connector. We also value the art of "making things", which is deeply rooted in Japanese soil, as we continue to offer more creative and innovative product groups.

In the future, we will continue to be active as a truly global enterprise that uses "connectors" to connect people with the future and strives to contribute to the advance of electronics, which continue to offer safety and comfort to people.

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About > Corporate motto/Management rationale/Greetings 
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